have a slice day

tales of my search for the perfect pizza slice

An awakening…

Now this is not a spiritual awakening, but up until an eye-opening (and mouth-watering) break in New York with my boyfriend, I lived in an empty world. It began with cold squares of cheese & tomato party food pizza, washed down with cherry cola.

The life altering university experience delivered to many young people, despite working part-time in Pizza Hut and eagerly gobbling slices of double pepperoni and mushroom takeaway pizza, still brought me no closer to the truth.

Scouring the streets of Little Italy for answers I was taught by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours how to RESPECT the pizza. Scott helped me realise that I had been taking pizza for granted. 


Scott’s overwhelming enthusiasm for a pizza perfection is infectious. I am now a woman pizza possessed  This is my search for the true meaning of pizza.

Laura x